Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recreational Activities for Older People

Recreation is the employment of time in a non-profitable way, in many ways also therapeutic refreshment of one's body or mind. While leisure is more likely a form of entertainment or rest, recreation is active and participatory, but in a refreshing and diverting manner.

Recreation and Leisure Aids- Products that help elderly persons to participate in sports, social, cultural events. Includes modified sports equipment for skiing/biking/running/boating, audio description for movies, adaptive controls for video games, adaptive fishing rods, cuffs for grasping paddles or racquets, seating systems for boats, etc.

Outdoor Activities-

Fishing Aids- Vans EZ Cast, a revolutionary fishing aid for the physically challenged, who has limited arm or hand movement because of paralysis, arthritis, stroke, etc. It is works on the right or left arm of wheelchairs or lawn chairs.

Cast and reel work independently even with no wrist or finger movement. Two nylon clamps hold device to chair arm.

Golf Glove-This innovative golf glove assists a person with very poor grip in one hand to firmly hold the golf club allowing a controlled swing.

This glove assists the person with a reduced level of handgrip strength on one side to grasp a golf glove with the assistance of their other fully functioning hand. It is ideal for people who have strokes or suffer from partial hemiplegia.

Exercise: Although it may sound like more work than play, exercise can be great fun or amazing relaxation, depending on the type you choose. Try water aerobics, walking, yoga, or Tai Chi.

Indoor Activities

It is fun to make elderly relatives a part of family activities. Unfortunately the elderly sometimes miss out on family activities, or are excluded from fun events because of false beliefs and misconceptions about their age and abilities. The elderly are an important part of families and should be able to participate in family activities whenever it is possible.

Scrapbooking: Gathering your photos and mementos together in one place and build a book of decorative memories.

Collage Making:

Use old magazines, leaves, construction paper, and anything pretty to build a work of art composed of small pieces. Add family pictures and memoirs signifying family achievements to the collage. Consider framing the collage when it is completed and try to make it fit in a standard frame size.

Listen to Favorite Music:

Everyone in the family should pick some of their favorite CD's or MP3 music. Sit together as a family and take turns playing your favorite songs. Tell your family what you like about the songs. Encourage the kids to dance and also dance with the kids if you're not to shy.

Mental exercises: like solving puzzles and doing mathematical calculations mentally, without using a paper and pencil could be undertaken. This might delay the onset of serious old age diseases like Alzheimer’s or delay the progress of the disease in people already afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease.

Prakash Kumar