Friday, December 5, 2008

An online community for seniors in India

Whether you are an elder or a caregiver, a professional or a volunteer who deals with ageing issues or just looking for information related to older people, we hope this website proves to be a valuable tool for you.

We strive to promote dignity and independence among elderly in India.

Our web portal will include all information related to health care, nutritional requirements, housing, design and environment, recreation, entertainment, networking, and assistive devices to enhance the quality of life among seniors.


arundati said...

A very good attempt to improve the value of seniors. Today is the age of seniors as they strive for their second innings. We need to be aware of our blessings than our sufferings. We need to be happy of our breath and that we are walking.

Mathew Cherian

arundati said...

A good attempt by the portal to bring topics of relevance to seniors. the team needs to be congratulated.

Mathew Cherian
CEO HelpAge India

Prem Sagar said...

This is a good attempt for the benefit of elderly population of India.

HAPPY OLD AGE is quarterly magazine dedicated to noble cause of senior citizens of India.

This magazine is supported by Helpage India, Govt. of Delhi_ Bhagidari Cell and is distributed fee of cost including courier charges. We will provide you magazines and other material free of cost. Your articles and other write ups are invited for publication in the magazine.

Prem Sagar Relli Editor Happy old age

vyasa said...

I am looking at the portal frequently. It has to be updated frequently if it has to be useful.
It is dormant for months except for certain news items.