Monday, November 16, 2009


1. Loss of appetite: If the senior was always a hearty eater but isn't now, find out why. Poor nutrition could be the root cause.

2. No interest in eating out: Your loved one always enjoyed eating out at a favourite restaurant, but doesn't anymore.

3. Depression: Change in appetite is a classic sign of depression. Be sure to follow up with a physician if you suspect depression may be a problem.

4. Sudden weight fluctuation: A weight change — losing or gaining 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) in six months — is another sign that something could be amiss.

5. Expired or spoiled food: Check the refrigerator. Seniors could be "saving" food until it's no longer safe. Make sure all food is labelled with a date in large letters and numbers.

6. Skin tone: Observe your senior's skin tone. Skin should be pink and healthy, not pale and grey.

7. Lethargy: If your loved one has always been active and takes walks, but suddenly becomes lethargic, encourage a visit to the doctor. Poor nutrition could be to blame.

8. Cognitive problems: Seniors who live alone might forget to eat. Dementia and cognitive problems can lead to nutrition deficiencies, so intervention is vital.

9. More than three medications: Medication can influence appetite and weight. Check with the doctor.

10. A recent illness: Illness or hospitalization could prompt a senior to quit eating. Keep tabs on your loved one's recovery, making sure they have help at home.



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